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Watch this introduction video before going further.  Once you have completed the introduction, click on the Yellow Belt course below to to begin your training.

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If you signed up for the school, but do not see Yellow Belt Below, click HERE to select a subscription plan. Then come back here to start training.

Daily Practice Routine

Live Training Sessions and Video Upload

Video Upload

Video Uploads can be used for mid-belt reviews, belt tests, or any time you want a quick review of your progress.  Submitting a video for review has not additional charge, so please upload one and an instructor will review it and provide feedback shortly. During your training you will be instructed when to upload a video for mid-belt review and belt tests as well.

Live Trainig Session

If you wish to take your training to a live interactive level, join our weekly live coaching session at 7pm CST every Tuesday. Also, you may request a private lesson to review your material personally with an instructor for an additional fee. Learn More We use MS Teams for training sessions. Once you are in the session pin the instructors video so you can see it the largest. MS Teams How To

Schedule Live Belt Test

Belt tests can be submitted via video upload or you may request a live test.  Neither option requires additional cost.  

If you wish to take your belt test in person with an instructor via video conference please click the button below and select an available time. An instructor will contact you shortly to confirm the time or request a different time be scheduled.
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