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Why should I find a training partner?

Learning Kenpo is a hands on experience. Yes, you can learn the techniques, katas, and kicks without a partner, but working with someone enhances your understanding, makes you more proficient, and keeps you motivated.
Search the list below to locate a student in your area.  Then click the Send Request button to message the student.

Make sure you meet these requirements:
  • Adequate room to train or available to train at another location
  • Respectful of others and their time
  • Ability to leave your Ego at home
  • Clean and appropriate attire

WARNING: You take on all risk and responsibilities of injuries or deaths which may occur due to this training.  Virtual Kenpo is not responsible for the actions taken during the in person training as our instructors are not available to monitor or govern this training.  By signing up or engaging person to person training you agree to hold Virtual Kenpo and it's instructors harmless of all injuries, deaths, and any other issues which may arise from this training. 

Disrespectful or unprofessional actions by students during in-person training should be reported to Virtual Kenpo.  If it is found the student acted outside of our Code of Conduct, the student may be banned from the school. 

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