Frequently asked questions

Can I gain belt rank?

Virtual Kenpo provides rank through Tracy's Karate Worldwide and the International School of Kenpo Karate.  At the end of each Belt's training you will take a written and physical test.  The Physical portion of the test can be taken  with a live video conference with your Instructor, or upload your time-stamped video to a private drive for your instructor to review.  If you pass, you will be registered with Tracy's Kenpo Worldwide and ISKK, receive a Belt Certificate, the belt, and be considered the Belt Rank earned.  

Is testing required?

Yes, if you choose to train in the Online School you will be required to test before moving onto the next Belt Level. If you want to learn, but do not want to test please purchase our DVDs (coming soon) or our On Demand Videos on Vimeo and Gumroad.

Do you charge a testing fee?


What style of Kenpo do you teach?

We teach  Tracy’s Kenpo Karate. Though our techniques use Tracy's as a foundation and are taught in the traditional order some techniques and katas may be slightly different. Each belt requires 30 Self-Defense Techniques, one or more katas, 5 kicks, 5 hand forms, and basic motions or weapons techniques.  Yellow Belt only requires 10 Self-Defense Techniques and 1 Kata.

What Belt Level can I earn on Virtual Kenpo?

Currently, we only teach to 1st Degree Black Belt, Shodan, through our on line school, but you can continue past 1st Degree Black Belt via private instruction over video conferencing with one of our instructors or Grandmaster Mark Tracy (10th Degree Black Belt) at Tracy's Kenpo Worldwide.  Kenpo has 10 Degrees of Black Belt and takes many years to reach this level .

Do you teach the use of weapons?

We do teach two primary weapons; the cane and knife. Additional weapons are covered, but not as thoroughly.   These two weapons are taught because of their usefulness and acceptability.  You might get some strange looks carrying a sword or bo staff into the grocery store, but no one will give you a second glance if you are carrying a walking cane.  Also the police will not harass you for a walking cane and most criminals will assume you have a weakness rather than a strength.  Additional weapons courses may become available over time as we are able to develop them. 

What is the lesson curriculum?

Every 7 days you will receive access to a new lesson. This keeps you from moving too fast through the curriculum and ensures you have ample time to practice. Each weekly lesson after Yellow Belt consists of the following:
  • 2 Self-Defense Techniques
  • 1 Part of the Kata
  • 1 Hand Strike or Kick
  • 1 Basic Motion, Function, or Weapon Technique

How long will it take to earn Black Belt?

The length of time required to earn Black Belt is dependent on your ability to train and learn.  However, it will take a minimum of 2.5 years to receive all the lesson requirements for the lower belts. Each belt takes approximately 12 to 17 to weeks complete and test.  Then after receiving all the training requirements for the belts prior to Black, you must learn all techniques for Black; as well as, learn all the prior techniques since Yellow on the left and right side, complete a Black Belt project, and create your own kata.  This will take approximately 1 year.  The total time to reach Black Belt is about 3.5 years.  During the Black Belt Test you will perform all techniques from both sides, all kicks, all hand strikes, all techniques, etc. from Yellow to Black Belt.  This will take approximately 3 hours to complete.

Can family train with me?

Having someone to train with will dramatically improve your skills and make the training more fun. Families can join with one Virtual Kenpo membership per family and everyone train from the same account. "Family" means immediate family within the same household. Extended family living outside the household will need their own subscription.  

 Do you offer military, first responder, teacher, and student discounts?

Yes, we do.  Visit this page for more information:  Professional Discounts
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