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Under Sensei Buck Snider, I am the head MMA/ Boxing coach at KO Sports in Houston, TX.


Included below is the breakdown of my ranking activities: 


1992 – Current Shuai Chiao (Chinese Jujitsu). I earned the rank of second-degree black belt,

which carries the title of Sifu (sensei) under Sifu David Pickens 

1999 – 2005 BBJ at KO sports (Austin), where I earned the rank of the blue belt 

2008 – Current Japanese Jujitsu Black Belt under Sensei Buck Snider at Champion Judo Club,

where I earned the rank of Shodan USA Judo and Jujitsu.

Included below is a breakdown of my other martial arts and fighting arts experience: 


1978 – 1979 Studied Chinese martial arts at City of Houston Parks in Houston, TX 

1980 – 1981 Studied Japanese martial arts at Houston Academy of Martial Arts and Sciences in

Houston, TX 

1983 – 1985 Joined boxing at Boys’ Club of America and George Forman’s gym in Houston,


1990 – 1992 Trained at Chapa’s Boxing Club of Houston, TX 

1995 – 1998 Trained as an amateur and professional boxer at a Venture boxing gym in Cedar

Park, TX 

1999 – 2005 Head boxing coach at KO Sports 

2005-2007 Head boxing/kickboxing instructor at South Austin Gym in Austin, TX 

2012 – Current Certified personal trainer and MMA conditioning specialist by the National

Academy of Sports Medicine 


I have competed in over 70 combative contests from 1985 to 2003, winning several national,

state, and local tournaments. Additionally, I have appeared in a documentary following the

students of American Grandmaster Ch’ang Tung-Sheng, the founder of American Shuai Chiao. I

continue to read, study, and attend seminars to expand my knowledge in martial arts with a

specific focus on grappling, submissions, and Yoga. 

I have written essays and papers on the historical events of Shuai Chiao and my personal journey

as a student.  The class will be entirely virtual; however, students can contact each other for

training. We will try to have in-person workshops quarterly. Until then, enjoy the course, and I

look forward to teaching!


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