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Let other students know you are open to training with someone locally.

Why should I find a training partner?

Learning Kenpo is a hands on experience. Yes, you can learn the techniques, katas, and kicks without a partner, but working with someone enhances your understanding, makes you more proficient, and keeps you motivated.
Complete the form below to add your name to the list of students who are open to training with someone in their local area.  

Make sure you meet these requirements:
  • Adequate room to train or available to train at another location
  • Respectful of others and their time
  • Ability to leave your Ego at home
  • Clean and appropriate attire 

WARNING: You take on all risk and responsibilities of injuries or deaths which may occur due to this training.  Virtual Kenpo is not responsible for the actions taken during the in person training as our instructors are not available to monitor or govern this training.  By signing up or engaging person to person training you agree to hold Virtual Kenpo and it's instructors harmless of all injuries, deaths, and any other issues which may arise from this training. 

Group Types:

When signing up, select the Type of Group you host for training sessions.  If you need to change this in the future as your group grows please message Virtual Kenpo support.

  • Individual - Only you are available for training.
  • Garage / Home Dojo - You can are are willing to host up to 5 training partners.
  • Club - You have room to host 5 to 10 training partners. (If you reach this level of group size or higher, contact Virtual Kenpo to discuss additional possibilities.)
  • School - You have room for more than 10 training partners.

As your group grows it may become necessary to request some sort of funds to cover expenses depending on your situation.  This is an agreement among your group members and is separate from any subscription cost or funds provided to Virtual Kenpo for training or equipment purchase.

If you wish to start a local training school based on the training provided by Virtual Kenpo, please contact us for additional information about this process.

Sign Up As A Training Partner

If you need to update your information after submitting it, please contact Sifu Camp.  He will update the record for you.
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