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Binji Ministries

Virtual Kenpo supports the work of the Binji Ministries in Uganda.  This ministry practices “true religion” (James 1:27) to the widows and fatherless of Uganda, and to help rebuild families and marriages on a Biblical foundation.

Binji Ministry Special

We are running a special to help the Binji Ministry in Uganda.  This is a win-win for the ministry and our students. Current students purchase training at $25, $50,$75,$100 etc. increments and receive a 50% bonus to their purchase. 

The Binji Ministry receives %50 of the amount paid by the student.

EXAMPLE:  They current student pays $25 towards monthly training cost. The student gets $50 in credit towards the next Virtual Kenpo subscription payment, and The Binji Ministries receives a $12.50 donation.

Students may purchase credit to help OR simply donate.
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Family that runs the ministry who are currently homeless.

Why are we having a Special?

Back Story
The President of the Binji Development Initiative (Uganda) has opened her home to many children and raised them in addition to her own four.  She has been living in a house belonging to her husband's tribe (he abandoned them about 15 years ago), but because they do not participate in the tribal pagan sacrifices, there has been friction for years. By faith, she has fed, clothed, and schooled these children. She knows that education is a life-changer for the next generation, especially the girls, and has taken in girls who were going to be abandoned or sold into marriage because of the family's poverty. We have plans for a larger ministry home that can take care of more children, but the funds haven't matched the dream.
Ministry House
About two years ago, she was given a small plot of land on which to build. She had house plans drawn up for a two-story home with room for ministry. About $52,000 will get the house built (if construction material costs stay constant). A generous gift last month allowed us to pour the foundation of the new home, and we are awaiting provision for the next stage. About $20,000 would allow her to build some of the ground floor rooms and make them livable, plus dig a latrine and hook to the water tap. (Houses are often built in stages here as finances allow.) Both floors are designed with the option to be closed off as two apartments. The idea was to have the flexibility to rent them as guest rooms and generate income, or a place for mission teams if not in use with the children. At present, her extended family ministry includes three children still at home (between school semesters), eight adopted children, an elderly aunt, and a simple-minded man named Moses. In the near future, there are five more children joining the family after their mother passes away. She is in the last stages of breast cancer, unfortunately.  

Current Crisis
We have prayed about the ministry house as the pressure from the tribal leaders increased, but time has run out. The tribal leaders have padlocked the latrine and the water tap and thrown everything out of the house. The construction engineer told her if she can pay the money ($20,000) for the next stage of construction, he can house them for the three weeks it will take to get Stage 2 built.  At the moment, we have not found any other options for housing these people. The Lord has been faithful in helping with food and schooling for these children, and we are praying that will continue.
Current Status
To date, we have received $10,600 toward the needed $20,000 to get a portion of the house livable. We are praying for $9,400 in donations to come in immediately to alleviate the homelessness crisis of this family.  In the meantime, the ministry team are still going to the villages to share the Gospel and disciple the people.  

Thanks for your prayers and whatever else the Father instructs you to do.

Monthly Donation

Virtual Kenpo donates 10% of gross sales to Binji Ministries each month.  

Would you like to donate?

We encourage you to donate to the Binji Ministries as you feel led.  We personally know and speak with the leaders of this ministry weekly. 
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