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We have the right plan for you

You may access our training via our online school or video on demand via Vimeo; however, only students of the online school may gain rank. 

Online School

Virtual Kenpo keeps pricing low, so you can sign up the whole family or several friends and still pay less than a traditional school. Try it out with our no  14 DAY TRIAL. Easily cancel with one click at any time, or take the plunge and become a full-time student at only $19.95 a month. You can cancel anytime from your account page and you will NOT be charged until the 14 day trial is complete.


Our online school uses weekly lessons to provide a structured learning format for you.  This provides enough material each week for you to study and master without overwhelming you. It also allows you to train at your own pace without feeling pressured. You will receive a Weekly Lesson every 7 days, so not all of the Belt Levels will be immediately available.


Belt Testing

Belt testing is conducted by Video Conference, uploaded video, or in person. If you pass your belt test you will receive a belt and rank certificate from the International School of Kenpo Karate and Tracy's Kenpo Worldwide.


These memberships include all Belt Levels from Yellow to Black; however, you are initially only enrolled in 2 Belt Levels (Knowledge and Yellow Belt levels). Once you complete Yellow Belt the next level (Orange) becomes available after passing your Yellow Belt Test. This continues until you reach Black Belt.


All Plans will charge on the schedule chosen below until membership is cancelled.

How To Become A Student

  1. Choses a Plan below.\

  2. Fill out the Health and Liability Wavier.

  3. Allow up to 48 hours for us to review your Wavier and send you an invite to Yellow Belt.

  4. Join Yellow Belt once we send you the invite, and begin training.