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How To Escape A Hammerlock

Silent Escape

Hopefully you have only experienced a Hammerlock when playing with friends, and not at the hands of a bully or abusive spouse. The Hammerlock is a technique used to cause harm, threaten, or belittle you. Regardless of the reason, no one has the right to put you in this position without your consent, and by using the techniques taught in Kenpo you can stop an attacker from using the Hammerlock against you. Kenpo is an extremely effective and tried Martial Art used for self-defense. It is designed to give you a way to defend against many different strikes, kicks, and holds.

The technique Silent Escape is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get out of a Hammerlock hold, and put you into a position to counter attack.

Virtual Kenpo has taken Kenpo into the 21st Century by bringing the art to the internet. Now you can learn self-defense from anywhere at any time you chose. If you wish to learn more about training online with the students of Virtual Kenpo, click the Learn More button below.

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