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What role does the mind play in surviving a fight?

Quitters Never Win And Winners Never Quit

Persistence is more important than talent to become proficient in Self-Defense or become a champion martial arts fighter. Bottom line, its the difference in the mindset between a survivor and just another victim. The difference between winning and losing. This "no quit" attitude is what you must have to overcome all the obstacles in your training and real life situations. Focus, hard work, and commitment are some of the key factors in becoming good enough to defend and win against your attackers. Knowing the right way to train/condition your mind and body will increase your odds in surviving a conflict.

So How Do You Go About Doing It?

First it starts with your most powerful asset or weapon you have, your thoughts. We are all in control of our life because we control our thoughts they are in life, it takes away excuses for failing, not trying, or giving up. It’s all about attitude that sets you apart from every one else. DO OR DIE that is the attitude you need to defeat your opponents in the ring or outside of it in the real world. When you don’t feel like training because you are to sore, tired from a long day at work, your hand hurts, or there are other things you need to get done these are excuses you put in the way of you achieving your goal. You have to train and condition your mind to focus on your goal so you have a burning desire to obtain it. If two opponents of equal strength and fighting ability confront each other, the person with the stronger mind will be victorious.


Your goal in a confrontation to use External Focus to target and strike the attacker. If you turn to Internal Focus then you will be more concerned with your failure than you success.

Train Your Mind To Focus Externally

Here are some ways to train your mind to increase your confidence and teach you to think externally rather than internally. Take time to visualize an attack in your mind with a clear, detailed and realistic picture; then use your techniques to address the attack. Do this for 10-30 minutes twice a day; once in the morning when you awake, and before going to sleep. This will feed positive messages to your subconscious mind.

An altered state produced by precluding internal thought and negative energy. Characteristic of single—mindedness of purpose, high positive energy, forgetfulness of self, and internal resistance.

  • Find a quiet place in your home to sit or lay down; whichever, makes yourself comfortable and begin to visualize.

  • Always visualize what YOU are going to do; not what your opponent might do. Do not get into the if then scenarios right now.

  • Visualize yourself always moving quickly, effortlessly and being victorious.

  • Visualize as if you have already obtained your goal, SMELL the scents of fear. TASTE the salt from your sweat on your lips. HEAR the pain of your fallen attacker. FEEL the energy and adrenaline of the moment as you stand facing your fallen attacker.

  • Surround yourself with positive people who push you to be your very best, who believe you can accomplish your goal, and will help you achieve it. Having supportive people around will help deflect negative thinking, and will rub off on you, we become who we hang out with.

  • Read biographies of others on the obstacles they overcame to get to where they are today. This could be anyone one, not just martial arts related. Read stories of success and focus on success not failure.

  • Don't lie to yourself. Be positive. Be confident. Be realistic too.

The key to visualization is to have 100% belief and faith that you WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL and be able to SUCCESSFULLY DEFEND YOURSELF. Push away any doubt you have when it comes into your mind or the negative thoughts will cancel out the positive message. After a little while it becomes easier to believe what you are telling yourself. The mind can not tell what is real or imagined when you keep telling it something. You will subconsciously begin believing those messages; which in turn, will drive you to practice and train harder; which will lead to your confidence and skill increasing even more; which will help you to increase your External Focus. This will continue to attract people in your life that will help you reach your goal and you will begin ACTING, TRAINING and FIGHTING like a winner.

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